When will be 2 Season or 9 episode Prisão Domiciliária?

We currently know that Season 1 was the last one.

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  • Premiere: April 16, 2022 - 2022
  • Schedule: Sa 00:00
  • Total episode: 8
  • Network: tv-16  OPTO | SIC [WEB]
  • Other: Portugal Scripted
  • Genre: DramaComedy
A politician in house arrest. A family falling apart. Too may questions to answer. Who framed Alvaro Veira Branco? This wil be the ending of his politicial carrear? How to mantain a life of luxury and power when everything is falling down?

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Additional Information

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List the names

Downfall (USA)
Prisão Domiciliária (Original)

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