When will be 2 Season or 5 episode The Buddha of Suburbia?

We currently know that Season 1 was the last one.

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The Buddha of Suburbia

Ended 195

  • Premiere: November 3, 1993 - 1993
  • Schedule: We 21:25
  • Total episode: 4
  • Network: tv-16  BBC Two
  • Other: United Kingdom Scripted
  • Genre: DramaComedy
Naveen Andrews plays the charismatic Karim, a half-Asian, half-English, wholly hedonistic chancer who is mortified when his civil servant father (Roshan Seth) plunges into an affair with the exotic Eva and begins passing himself off as a spiritual guru. This brings Karim into contact with Eva's wayward son, Charlie, and ostensibly offers an escape from suburbia. The story follows his break-out, from London to New York, constantly snagging himself on cultural barbwire and falling into situations a raconteur would die for. Soundtrack by David Bowie.

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Naveen Andrews

Naveen Andrews

Karim Amir ('Creamy')
Brenda Blethyn

Brenda Blethyn

Margaret Amir

List the names

The Buddha of Suburbia (Great Britain)
The Buddha of Suburbia (Original)

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