When will be 2 Season or 8 episode Walking Tall?

We currently know that Season 1 was the last one.

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  • Premiere: January 17, 1981 - 1981
  • Schedule: Sa 21:00
  • Total episode: 7
  • Network: tv-16  NBC
  • Other: United States Scripted
  • Genre: Unknown
The series shows vigilante justice. Sheriff Bufford Pusser's favorite weapon is a 38-pound hickory club that he uses to bang villains over the head and smash the equipment in their lairs. Pusser's wife was killed by crooks while they were trying to get rid of the lawman.

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Courtney Pledger

Courtney Pledger

Deputy Joan Litton
Jeff Lester

Jeff Lester

Deputy Grady Spooner

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