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  • Премьера: 10 октября 2020 - 2020
  • В эфире: Сб 16:00 по МСК   ruflag
  • Всего серий: 10
  • На канале: tv-16  NTV
  • Другие: Японские Сериалы
  • Жанр: ДрамаМистика
A freak accident suddenly puts the main character in a vegetative state as a 10-year-old girl. Everyone in her family, which broke apart from the resulting regret and guilt, and her now fully-grown first love, all currently live a lonesome existence. Only her mother continued to keep a watchful eye on her, hopeful that she would miraculously regain consciousness. After 25 long years, the "girl" with a 35-year-old body but a 10-year-old mind wakes up! Trying to fill every void, she rushes to accumulate over two decades' worth of experiences and matures as she goes through pains and heartbreaks. The 10-year-old at heart goes to middle school, high school, and eventually blossoms into a woman--one that appears to embody what we all have witnessed over the last 25 years. When her mind catches up to her real age, just how will she see the world she lives in? During these 25 years, what did we gain and what did we lose?

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В ролях

Kou Shibasaki

Kou Shibasaki

Nozomi Imamura
Kentaro Sakaguchi

Kentaro Sakaguchi

Yuto Hirose

Названия по странам

35-летняя девочка (Россия)
35-sai no Shoujo (Япония)
35歳の少女 (Япония)
35sai no Shojo (Япония)
A Girl of 35 (Оригинальное)

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