Chambre 327

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  • Премьера: 15 декабря 2012 - 2012
  • В эфире: Чт 21:45 по МСК  
  • Всего серий: 1
  • На канале:  France 3
  • Другие: Французские Сериалы
  • Жанр: не указан
Since the death of her husband, Jade has run the palace alone, owned by the Marsacs for several generations. On the day of her daughter's engagement, Fabien, her future son-in-law, is found murdered in one of the hotel suites in the company of a prostitute. How do you get out of it when her daughter is wrongfully accused of murder and thrown in jail? When your competitors use the worst means to make you dirty, to destabilize you? When your own in-laws seek to eliminate you? Jade Marsac is alone against all ...

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