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1x25 - 25. Bölüm


Выходит 1507

  • Премьера: 23 ноября 2021 - ...
  • В эфире: Вт 20:00 по МСК  ruflag
  • Всего серий: 25
  • На канале: tv-16  ATV
  • Другие: Турецкие Сериалы
  • Жанр: не указан
The story begins with Akkız stabbing her arrow to Korkut Khan's heart as she swore. The arrow shoot by Akkız to take Korkut Khan's life cannot kill her enemy, but makes her a slave to his son Batuga, in the enemy's palace! A mountain bird in love with her freedom becomes a slave in the Gok Palace, which will cost her life if it is learned that she is the shooter! The paths of Akkız and Batuga, who now carry two lies that would cost their lives, crossed again after many years. Allies by fate turns into a confidance, which turns into companionship. The hands that will change the fate of the Turks, unites here. Batuga is the hidden Khan of the Turks; he will write a 'Destan' (legend) with Akkız, by uniting the Turks and prove to the world that what can a disabled prince and a slave girl can achieve by joining hands.

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