Lian Lian Jiang Hu

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  • Премьера: 30 октября 2019 - ...
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  • Всего серий: 24
  • На канале:  iQIYi [WEB]
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"Lovely Swords Girl (恋恋江湖)" tells the fictional story of a young woman who is pursuing her true love. She was accompanied by two perfect men and the three of them also became friends together. Based on the novel of the seed month, "谁说江湖好 (Who Says Good Rivers and Lakes)" the drama tells the story of the sectarian disputes in the history of the sky. In the chaotic world of the martial art, the girl in Huanyou did not forget to pursue true love, and then completed the growth step by step. Finally, the story of an evil conspiracy was defeated.

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