Matsya Kaand

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  • Другие: Индийские Сериалы
  • Жанр: не указан
Matsya Thada (Ravii Dubey) is an honourable con artist, who instead of using his brawn, conducts his 'kaand' with aptitude, intelligence, and charm. He's known for pulling off some of the country's most daring and biggest cons, and he always manages to get past the cops as he moves from one operation to the next. However, fate throws him a new curveball when ACP Tejraj Singh (Ravi Kishan) is given charge of his case. Matsya challenges ACP Tejraj to catch him if he can, which leads to a cat and mouse chase that will surely keep you at the edge of your seat. Will ACP Tejraj succeed, or will Matsya win yet again?

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