Завершен 33

  • Премьера: 28 сентября 2019 - 2019
  • В эфире: Вс 01:00 по МСК  
  • Всего серий: 9
  • На канале:  RTP1
  • Другие: Португальские Сериалы
  • Жанр: Детектив
The heat fell over Lisbon, thick and paralyzing. A judicial police inspector, nihilist and socially incapable, investigates the appearance of a woman's corpse on the pier of Rocha Conde de Óbidos. As the investigation takes place, a country distressed by a severe economic and social crisis, is agitated. Vítor Gaspar resigns, Portas announces an "irrevocable" exit. From the job centers full of people and property auctions attached to Quinta Patino, the investigation leads us on a hallucinatory trip to the evangelist churches of greater Lisbon, to influential law firms, political power, bankrupt banks and money laundering.

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