The Two of Us

Завершен 107

  • Премьера: 31 октября 1986 - 1990
  • В эфире: Сб 02:00 по МСК  
  • Всего серий: 31
  • На канале:  ITV
  • Другие: Английские Сериалы
  • Жанр: Комедии
Ashley Phillips is an average young man with a fairly average set of ambitions: he yearns for semi-detached bliss with a mortgage, a wife and a baby. He already shares a basement flat with the fiercely independent Elaine, a doctor’s daughter, but she resolutely rejects every one of Ashley’s marriage proposals. To make matters worse, Elaine works in a crèche – an eye-opening experience that has left her with absolutely no desire to start a family… at least, not just yet! Although Ashley’s life is frequently interrupted by the ministrations of his overbearing mother, Lilian, there is always someone he can turn to for advice on matters of the heart: Perce, his laid-back and lovable grandad. Made by London Weekend Television (LWT) for the ITV Network.

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The Two of Us (Великобритания)
The Two of Us (Оригинальное)

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